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Experienced Legal Team

An experienced and qualified attorney will personally know and have a history of successfully negotiating with the local prosecuting attorneys. He will know and understand what the specific judges you could face will expect and how to best meet those expectations. He will know how to best challenge any evidence that can be used against you. And of course he will have the trial skills to aggressively fight for you if that is what is ultimately needed.

James J. Regan has all of those abilities. He knows the people who will be handling your case. He knows the law that will control how your case will be decided. And he has won jury and judge acquittals in cases ranging from first degree murder to the least serious misdemeanor.
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Criminal Defense

Whenever you are charged with a crime of any sort, having an experienced lawyer on your side is extremely important in achieving the best possible outcome. In addition to having an attorney who knows the law, you need someone who is knowledgeable about the judges and prosecutors who will be involved in your case. The relationships an attorney develops with those people over time are valuable commodities that can make a difference in a case.

Drug Offenses

Drug offenses present a unique challenge for anyone facing such a charge. The penalties in both State and Federal Courts can be extreme and can include mandatory minimum prison terms. Many people caught up in such charges would be more accurately described as having a chemical dependency or addiction problem rather than a criminal. An experienced attorney will be able to determine if there is any possible alternative to prosecution and conviction, such as diversion or Drug Court, or negotiate an outcome that focuses on getting a client the help he or she needs, under court supervision, instead of being incarcerated.

Domestic Assault Charges
These types of cases, involving people in a family or other relationship, require experienced legal representation to assure that the factors that are unique to your case be fully explored and communicated to those who will be involved with your case. It is extremely important that the context in which this type of charge was initiated is understood for a fair and just result to be reached. We can do everything possible to make sure this happens.

Drunk Driving / DUI

If you are ticketed or arrested for a DUI, you need to get legal guidance from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Being ticketed or arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or refusing to take the test as directed by law enforcement can result in the immediate administrative revocation of your driver’s license by the Department of Motor Vehicles, but there may be actions that can be taken to prevent that. These MUST be done within 10 days of your arrest or ticket, so getting legal advice as soon as you can is absolutely necessary. In addition, you may be eligible to continue driving with an ignition interlock permit. We can make sure you know your options and help you decide which one is best for you.

In addition to these administrative penalties, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a crime and so you will be charged in court and face the possibility of a jail sentence, fines, and possible additional license revocation in the court system. With our knowledge of the law, familiarity with the prosecutors and judges who you will be involved with your case, and experience fighting for our clients in court we have a track record of getting the best possible results for our clients.

Personal Injury

Automobile Accidents
You are entitled by law to be compensated for injuries you receive due to the negligence of another driver, even if it is the driver of the vehicle in which you are a passenger. So the initial determination of how the car wreck in which you have been injured occurred is extremely important. Insurance companies employ adjusters who will try to get a recorded statement from all parties as soon as possible after a collision. And they may attempt to get you to admit your own fault as part of the reason for the wreck. You may still be suffering the traumatic effects of your injuries when they record their interview of you. So having someone on your side as early as possible could be very important. Our initial consultation is always free, so if you have questions about how to proceed after you have been injured, please feel free to call the office and we will be glad to answer your questions.
Documenting the extent of the damage to your vehicle and the nature and extent of your injuries is vitally important. This type of documentation is what the responsible person's insurance company will require before offering a fair settlement of your claim. We can advise you on how to accomplish this in a way that will be most effective with that insurance company. And if your injury prevents you from working or if you are not able to pay for medical care we can work with your creditors or medical providers to minimize the impact on you and your family.

All auto accident cases are handled on a contingency fee, which means we do not collect a fee unless we recover money for you. And necessary expenses for such things as obtaining medical records and reports, as well as possible litigation costs such a filing fees or deposition costs, are typically incurred by us and reimbursed only at the end of your case.

The statute of limitations in Nebraska for a claim for damages resulting from an automobile accident is 4 years from the date of the accident. Our advice is always that you have a firm understanding of ALL the effects on you before you even consider proposing settlement of your claim. Insurance adjusters often try to hurry this process and encourage settlement before you know the long-term effects. If you do knowingly and voluntarily enter into a settlement you cannot re-open the matter, which is why you must account for any future impact on you at the time. As your attorney, we can help assure that this is taken into consideration.

Workers Compensation

You are entitled to be compensated for injury you sustain while on the job, regardless of fault. But the type of compensation you are entitled to is very specifically defined by the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, and is much more limited than what you would be entitled to if injured due to the negligence of another outside the workplace. And the rules governing your obligations in order to be eligible for such compensation benefits are unique to the workers compensation system.
This starts with the most basic aspects of your case, such as whether you can choose which doctor you can see for your treatment or whether your employer's insurance company can make that decision for you. And it continues throughout every aspect of your case. So having an experienced workers compensation attorney on your side advising you at the earliest possible opportunity can make a huge difference in how your case is handled.

The statute of limitations for a work injury in Nebraska is 2 years from the date you realize you have been injured due to an accident during the course of your employment, or 2 years from the last payment of benefits to you for such an injury, whichever is later. You should never enter into a settlement of your claim until you have a good understanding of how your injury will affect your future ability to work and whether there is any permanent injury to you as a result of the accident and injury.