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Regan Law Office, located in Omaha, Nebraska, has many satisfied clients. Please take the time to read testimonials and referrals from current and previous clients.
DUI Involving Out of State Worker: I'm from out of State and was working in the Omaha area when I got a pretty bad DUI. With his knowledge of the way my arrest could affect me in both my home State and in Nebraska, Mr. Regan was able to help me avoid any loss of license or driving privileges in both my home State and Nebraska, and persuade the prosecutor to allow me to participate in a diversion program despite not being a local resident. As a result I avoided any conviction and any loss of my ability to drive. I definitely would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in the same or similar situation. -Tyler W., Oklahoma
Complex Car Accident Victim: I have been unlucky enough to have been in several car accidents, none of which were my fault. The Regan Law Office was able to successfully recover compensation for me in every case, despite the efforts of the insurance companies to try to blame my troubles that were caused by their driver on the other accidents. His advice in dealing with my doctors in sorting out my complicated medical history, and getting the insurance company to properly understand it, was a key to my satisfactory results. Plus, his and his paralegal Lee Ann's ability to get the creditors that were caused by being unable to work due to my injuries to cooperate in not going after collection and cooperating with me on what I owed was big relief. -Ken W., Omaha